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VEGAN WOOL 100% dralon®

Weight: 1kg approx.
Length: 1,100m approx.
 Weight: 100g approx.
Length: 110m approx.

Thickness: 2mm
Recommended crochet hook/knitting needles: 6-8mm 

dralon® is an amazing dry-spun fibre that has no competition in the market.

• Very soft and pleasant to the touch.
• It is a thread very resistant to wear, dirt and shrinkage in washing.
• Wash up to 30º - Fast drying.
• Warm like wool, breathable like cotton.
• Resistant to bacteria, mites, moths.
• Great fibre for knitting baby clothes due to its hypoallergenic nature.
• Reduces the possibility of allergies or irritations.
• Excellent for sensitive skin.
• 100% dralon® does not contain polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, wool, cotton.

Once the garment is made, to increase the properties of dralon® and make it even softer, it is recommended to leave the garment in water with fabric softener for a few hours and then wash in hot water 30º maximum and add more fabric softener. It can be machine washed with delicate program.

dralon® complies with the ISO 2076 standard.