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The Tassel Tool / Shuttle Stick

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This gorgeous Tassel Tool / Shuttle Stick is made from FSC certified bamboo and sanded by hand to create soft, smooth sides and edges.

Dimensions of the Tool: 29.5cm long x 4.5cm wide x 4.5mm deep

The Tassel Tool / Shuttle Stick can be used two ways:

As a Tassel Tool - wrap the Tassel Tool many times in the yarn you would like to make tassels out of; cut the yarn with a pair of scissors using the guide provided in the middle of the tool; you can cut the yarn again to create smaller lengths of tassel.
Approximate lengths of the tassels that can be created: long tassels 55cm in length (28cm doubled over to create the tassel) short tassels 28cm in length (14cm doubles over to create the tassel) **Lengths can vary depending on what type of yarn you use, non stretchy yarns will be slightly longer, whereas stretchy yarns will be a little shorter.

As a Shuttle Stick for a rigid heddle loom - wrap the yarn around the shuttle stick, crossing over on each side of the shuttle stick, making a figure 8 around the notches on either side. **This shuttle works like a dream using a rigid heddle loom/saori loom etc.. However, I wouldn't use a shuttle stick using a lap or frame loom like the ones I sell, I find that needles work best using those types of looms.

Happy weaving!


These weaving looms and tools have been designed by Rainie Williams of The Unusual Pear and are laser cut in Sydney, Australia with 4.5mm FSC certified bamboo. Each bamboo loom, needle and comb are sanded by hand resulting in slight surface variations between each item.